Chief Engineer

  • Job Type:Permanent
  • Salary:£64,915
  • Vacancy Ref:30/10/20

Permanent opportunity for an experienced Chief Engineer. Start date DEC 2020 / JAN 2021.

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Additional details

  • Duties and Responsibilities:

    General Responsibilities:

    Maintenance, operation and condition of the vessel's machinery systems, including main, auxiliary and electrical machinery, propulsion and associated equipment.

    Safety within the engine room and associated machinery spaces and for ensuring that all emergency and safety equipment is maintained in serviceable order.

    In charge of and responsible for the efficient organisation and running of the engine room department.

    To be fully familiar with the vessel's documented safety management system.

    Ensuring that the engine room personnel carry out their duties in a safe and competent manner and in accordance with the company's documented safety management system.

    The Chief Engineer is required to be fully familiar with the engine room layout.

    Specific Responsibilities

    Maintenance, servicing and routine inspection of all mechanical, hydraulic and electrical plant on board including deck, domestic and catering equipment.

    Ensuring that:

    • sufficient fuel and lubricating oils are on board in order to safely maintain the vessel's sailing schedules

    • engine room spares are maintained at an acceptable level

    • bunkering and oil transfers are carried out in accordance with the SOPEP manual.

    • engine room department fully comply with the vessel's permit to enter enclosed spaces and permit to work system.

    • keeping and maintaining records of machinery maintenance.

    • classification society and statutory surveys are properly carried out.

    • engine room personnel use personal protection equipment and clothing properly.

    • engine room walkways, escape and access routes are kept clear.

    • cleanliness and orderliness of the engine room, associated machinery spaces and his own personal accommodation.

    • participate in the shipboard training programme

    • alarms and monitoring devices are in good working order when the machinery spaces are unmanned.

  • Vessel Type


  • Experience required:

    Experience with MAK main engines, Diesel Auxiliary Generators and AMOS M&P

  • Qualifications required:

    CE unlimited (UK)

  • Trip length:

    3 Months

  • Leave:

    3 Months

  • Salary:


  • Gross/PAYE:


  • Travel paid:


  • Additional Information:

    MUST be a UK passport holder.

  • Certification Required:

    • Chief Engineer Unlimited
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