Covid-19/Coronavirus Statement

Covid-19 has largely impacted our industry. It will take time to fully recover and for everything to be fully functioning again, but we have decided to look at the last few months as an opportunity for us to review processes that have required updating, and improve our ways of working.

We have been closely monitoring the Government Guidelines and as we slowly start to get back to ‘normal’, we would like to advise you all of some of the changes we have made now that we are back in the office;

  • Sanitation Areas: Around the office we have antibacterial sprays for each employee to use when entering/leaving the office and throughout the day. We also clean down the office equipment at the end of each day with antibacterial products.
  • Meetings: Internal meetings are held in open areas to be able to socially distance, and client/candidate meetings are being held virtually.
  • Internal Coronavirus Policy: Following Government Guidelines, an internal policy has been put together as guidance for staff in case they, or someone they are in close contact with develop symptoms or test positive.
  • Seafarer Coronavirus Policy: Following Government Guidelines, a policy was created to be included in our Recruitment Process, so each candidate is asked relevant questions before they are considered for employment.
  • Home Working: All Seamariner office staff are able to go back to working from home again should the need arise.


As was requested in our previous statement, we would like to ask that you are honest with us when answering questions regarding your health and the health of those you have been close to. If we do not believe that you should be joining a vessel, we will be advising our clients and yourselves about this risk and encouraging self-isolation for the appropriate period of time. This goes both ways, as our clients have and will advise us if any of their Seafarers have become ill onboard.

It is important that we all act responsibly considering the Covid-19 outbreak and continue to take precautions. If anyone would like to read through the government advice regarding actions we should be taking personally, please use this link:

We will continue to update our Coronavirus Policies in line with Government Guidance.